The 10 Minute Mind

“The most powerful skill we can learn to transform our lives for the better is to to learn how to work with our mind.” Monique Rhodes, Founder, The 10 Minute Mind®

It’s known that taking time to decrease your levels of stress and anxiety each day can improve your wellbeing and happiness. Living in London, one of the largest capital cities in Europe, can make that slightly difficult. This mindfulness meditation programme helps in learning how to achieve that. 

The course is designed specifically to teach you, in 10 minutes a day, how to quickly and effectively alleviate their stress. Each morning a brand new 10 minutes guided audio track is sent over to you via email and can be accessed at any time, to suit your lifestyle. All you need is a quiet space, the audio, and you’re good to go. 

The Benefits 

  • Learn to connect with your breath, and release stress and anxiety from the body 
  • Learn how to become friends with your thoughts, emotions and habits 
  • Learn to effectively manage mental stress and anxiety 
  • Contemplate a positive quality to integrate into your day 

Signing Up

The enrollment process is simple! Just click the link below and sign up using your UAL email address to gain access to your free subscription for a whole year. 

Once you’ve had some experience with the programme, don’t forget to let us know how you’re finding it. If it helps to calm your mind, relive stress and produce positive feelings, then we want ensure this becomes a free service for you in the future.  


Please note: This project has been funded through the Curate It initiative at Arts SU.