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Creating a New Sports Club/Society

The Students’ Union always welcomes new sports club/society ideas, so please get in touch if you’re keen to start something. HOWEVER, before you contact us with your proposal please check our current clubs and societies (using the navigation to the left) to ensure that your idea does not already exist. Once you’re sure it doesn’t then the following three things must be in place:

  1. You must have 10 potential members willing to join officially and pay membership
  2. A President and Treasurer
  3. A specific aim for the academic year – what does your sports club/society wish to achieve and who will it bring together?

Once this is in place, please complete the proposal form - it will be reviewed by the Sports Development Coordinator/Creative Activities Development Coordinator and the Activities Officer. If we like what you’ve suggested then we’ll be in touch with next steps.

Managing a Sports Club/Society

How Do I Claim Expenses?

If you are claiming expenses from your sports club/society account, please complete a Payment Request Form

Once you have completed your form please send it to your club Treasurer or President, who will approve your request and send it to an Arts SU member of staff. If you have any further questions about our financial procedures please read the Arts SU Financial Processes


Competitive Club Information

Team sheets are compulsory for BUCS and LUSL fixtures, and are usually completed by team captains.

Please download and complete your team sheet. After your fixture, send your completed form to

An Officials Expenses Form needs to be completed and signed every time you pay an official, as proof of payment (one form per official). Once you have completed this, you can then complete a Payment Request Form (see 'How Do I Claim Expenses?' above for more info).



If you want to obtain sponsorship for your sports club or society, please read our Sponsorship Guidelines. The most important thing to do is to let the Students' Union know if you are thinking about generating sponsorship, we can support you through the process.



Arts Students' Union can provide funding for society events, exhibitions, equipment, and activities for your members. Examples include artist talks, celebrations, and society projects.

Click here for the guidelines, which consist of a step by step guide on how to complete the application form, as well as details on what we are able and unable to fund.

The criteria that we use to decide the outcome of a funding application is here. You can use this to tailor your application, and it will provide inspiration about how to generate the most funding for your society.

Complete this form for events and equipment funding.


Arts Students' Union Code of Conduct

Click here to read the Arts SU Code of Conduct document.


Process for Trips Away

The process for student trips away can be found here. Please contact us if you intend to organise a trip away for your sports club/society, and we will fully support you throughout the process.


Key Contacts

Elected Activities Officer:

Sophie Greaves: Creative Activities Development Coordinator (Societies):

Vinesh Kurup: Sports Development Officer:

Camille Koosyial: Arts Active Coordinator: