Chloe Wilkinson-Silk

Hello! My name is Chloe. I am a Student Adviser here at Arts Students' Union, which means I am responsible for helping students with a range of issues from academia to housing. I spent 2 years as the Education Officer at my previous union, which solidified my passion for ensuring students feel healthy, happy and supported through their studies by their SU. Outside of work, I'm a massive foodie and thrill seeker with a particular love for games and puzzles. 


Hayley Bromell

Hi, my name is Hayley. I am a Student Adviser here at Arts Students' Union. I provide academic and housing advice, helping students feel heard and empowered during their time at UAL. In my spare time I love attending gigs and doing something creative, whether that be painting or knitting.


Shriya Ruparelia

Hey, I'm Shriya and I'm a Student Adviser at the SU! I provide students with advice around different UAL processes like appeals, EC's and complaints. I also advise on issues around housing end ensure that students feel heard and supported. In my spare time I love cooking, baking, listening to live music and reading (mainly fiction and poetry!)


Richard Kaminski

Hello! I’m Richard, the Advice Service Manager for the Arts SU Advice team. I oversee the team and help coordinate our approach to helping students.

I was Student Experience and Wellbeing Manager for a different university for 3 years before coming to Arts SU, and I was a teacher before that. 
Outside of work I enjoy riding my motorbike, walking my dogs and listening to records. Although not necessarily at the same time.