Academic Misconduct refers to submitting work that isn’t your own, this is referred to as plagiarism. This may be intentional or unintentional but either way, the accusation is serious and can have a serious impact on your time at UAL. 

At Arts SU Advice, we’ve written a quick guide on what you need to know if you’ve been accused of Academic Misconduct. This isn’t a substitute for advice so we recommend getting in touch with us as soon as possible. 

Quick facts about Academic Misconduct at UAL 

What is Academic Misconduct? 

Academic Misconduct refers to submitting work that isn’t your own. 

How will my tutor know? 

Plagiarism in written work is often flagged by Turnitin, a checking software that compares your work to others at UAL, students at other universities across the world, online sources and publications. In addition, tutors often recognise plagiarism as they will be well read in their subject area. 

Tutors may also investigate plagiarism in practical assessments if they think you have copied concepts, were helped when you shouldn’t have been or submitted someone else’s work. 

What happens next? 

If you have been accused of misconduct you’ll be sent a letter (or email) from your tutor inviting you to a meeting to investigate this. 

Average length of process 

The length of this process can vary significantly. 

Unsatisfied with the outcome? 

You can appeal using the UAL appeals process. 


Here is a bit more info… 

I’ve been accused. What next? 

If you’ve been accused of misconduct you’ll be sent a letter (or email) from your tutor inviting you to a meeting to discuss this. 

It’s often described as an ‘informal meeting’ but this is an investigatory meeting which will determine what will happen next so it’s important you’re prepared. 

At the end of this meeting, your tutor will write some notes which you will sign. Only sign the notes if you agree with what they say. 

If you agree that plagiarism took place then the exam board will likely impose a penalty set out in the regulations. If you disagree then an academic misconduct panel is likely to be convened. 

The Process 

If you are suspected of misconduct the University will follow this general outline 


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Types of Misconduct 

Misconduct is broken into 3 types, below is a description of what each one might look like in practice and the potential outcomes. This list is only a guide. 


What it looks like? 

Potential Outcomes 

Minor Misconduct 


A minor breach 


Usually happens to first years 

Usually addressed through tutorial advice and support 


Moderate Misconduct 


On a small scale 

Little impact on final award 

F- for the assessment. Retake assessment, capped at D- 


F- for unit. Retake the unit, capped at D-, full fees charged 

Serious Misconduct 


On a significant scale 

This is the second offense 

You’ll be in your final year 

F- for the unit. Retake Unit, charged at full fees 


F- for the stage. Retake Unit, charged at full fees 

Disciplinary Offences 

Stealing the work of others 


Copyright theft 


Revoking an awarded degree 


What can the Arts SU Advice Service do for me during the UAL Academic Misconduct process? 

  • Advise you on the process 
  • Read over any documents you receive and help you make sense of them 
  • Help you structure what you’ll say during the panel 
  • Accompany you to any meetings you might have 

Get in touch  

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Other useful links 

UAL Academic Misconduct Regulations 

*Correct as of March 2021