-Who can use the SU Companion Scheme?

Any student at UAL can use the SU Companion Scheme. We have students involved ranging from age 16-60+ from every college at UAL across all study levels from Foundation to PhD.

-How do you match us up?

We match up students based on 2 preferences; age and college. You can choose if you’d like someone from the same college and someone of a similar age. We’ll then look at our list and try and find you someone who meets your criteria. We try our best to do this, but please bear with us as it may take a little longer than someone with no preferences.

-How do I contact my companion?

We will send you both an introduction email. After that, it’s up to you! You can email, video call, swap phone numbers or meet in person… whatever works best for you both.

-What if my companion doesn’t reply?

We hope that students sign up because they want to communicate and meet someone new! However, we understand that some people may not reply or choose not to continue with the companion scheme. If this happens, you are very welcome to sign up again or alternatively, you can post a message in our companion social group to request if anyone else would like to chat with you. If you no longer wish to be part of the companion scheme, we would appreciate you letting us know via companionscheme@su.arts.ac.uk so we can remove you from any further comms etc.

-What if my companion is disrespectful towards me?

We hope that your experience of the companion scheme will be positive and fun. However, if you have any concerns about another student’s behaviour please let us know via companionscheme@su.arts.ac.uk. We can talk through your options and support you.

-Can I find a companion who wants to communicate in another language?

At present, we don’t offer a language preference and therefore assume students will communicate in English. However, if you’d love to practise your additional language skills or speak in your native language, you could write a message in the general companion group to see if someone would like to join you!

UAL now has a Language Exchange Scheme and you can sign up here. More information on their scheme is here.

-What is a companion group?

We have a number of companion groups for students to join if they’d like to meet more people. One of these is a general companion group and the others are self-identifying based on circumstances e.g. if you are a parent/carer or a member of the LGBTQ+ community as 2 examples. These are social groups where you can chat online and get to know each other... think of it as a sort of chat room or message board! We monitor the groups and also often share information about how you can join events and activities that may be relevant, start a campaign, or join one of our already formed SU societies.

-What if I can’t find a companion group that’s relevant or I want to start a new one?

We have a variety of groups but we are always open to new ideas. If you think a certain group is missing, please let us know via companionscheme@su.arts.ac.uk. We do have a general companion group for all students where you can start conversations too.

-Does the Companion Scheme organise events, like activities or sports?

The Companion Scheme is for socialising directly with your companion or in the online groups. We don't run any activities or events for students to join, however other teams within the SU do! 

The SU has many societies and sports clubs you can join outside of the Companion Scheme. Student societies and clubs provide opportunities for you to meet like-minded people, explore your interests, play sports and develop your creative practice. There is something for everyone at Arts SU – from curation and culture to basketball! To find out more about these, please do explore our website here.

The SU runs many events throughout the academic year on a whole range of different topics and interests. You can keep up to date with our events and activities via our calendar here and we hope to see you at some of these in the future.