Due to the increasingly fast-paced nature of housing in London, it is difficult to keep up with all the developments in best places to look, but we have listed a few of the most common places as a starting point

  • Letting agents - There are a huge number of letting agents which vary by area. Try using a search engine with the name of the area you are looking in + 'letting agents' (eg 'Kings cross letting agents')
  • Gumtree.com has a large propert section which can be narrowed by whether you are looking for a whole proprty or single rooms etc.
  • Facebook has both marketplace where you can find listings, but also lots of groups you can join where people list rooms available
  • Spareroom.co.uk
  • Openrent.co.uk is direct with landlords and has some wider options (such as pets)


For more information about looking for accommodation, please see information on UAL’s accommodation website