UAL Teaching Awards 2020

We're looking for creators to design and make trophies and certificates to award outstanding UAL staff and Course Reps. We are offering two commissions: £1250 for 25 trophies, and £100 for a certificate design. These figures are inclusive of both production budget and artist’s fee.

The annual UAL Teaching Awards give students the opportunity to recognise the UAL staff who have made all the difference to their experience at UAL. Students nominate the staff who have gone above and beyond for an award, and the winners are selected by a panel, including Course Reps from across UAL. This panel will also decide on the winners of the Course Rep Awards, which recognise the hard work and dedication of your fellow students who have represented your experiences and interests to the University.

We want you to design how that will look!

Deadline for entries: Sunday 8th March 2020 at midnight (GMT)


This opportunity is open to all current University of the Arts London students.

We are accepting submissions from individuals and groups.

You may submit an entry to both the trophy and certificate design, and you may submit multiple entries.

The successful applicant will:

  • Receive recognition from award-winning staff across UAL at the awards ceremony
  • Gain professional experience of working to a brief and a deadline
  • Gain professional experience of managing a production budget
  • Have their work displayed and credited on our social media
  • Have their work displayed physically across UAL

UAL Teaching Awards Trophy


We will commission 25 sculptures. 18 will be presented to the winners of the UAL Teaching Awards for them to display to showcase excellent teaching and support at UAL, and 6 will be presented to the winners of the Course Rep Awards. We'll keep one to show off in our office. Only one design is needed, but 19 of the completed trophies should include “UAL Teaching Awards 2020”, and 6 should include “Course Rep Awards 2020”.  

Your design will be for an object which can to fit on a desk unobtrusively, is easily transportable, light and accessible enough to be held comfortably, and made to last. It should not use media that can decompose.

Please note: we are only looking for designs at this stage, not completed 3D works. We require delivery of all trophies by Monday 18th May 2020. Please only enter the competition if you are certain that you can make and deliver all 25 trophies by this deadline.

The winning trophy proposal will be commissioned and the selected artist/s will be paid £1250 to produce 25 trophies. Payment will be given in two stages: £625 will be given after the proposal is selected to cover material and production costs, and £625 on delivery of the finished works.


We are looking for designs of small sculptures that portray excellence in teaching, learning, and knowledge exchange, and staff and Course Reps’ commitment to improving students’ experiences. We understand that this is a broad brief, and we encourage you to interpret it as you see fit. Your design should reflect the talent and dedication of the staff and Course Reps to whom they will be awarded. Work made from sustainable materials is favoured.



We are commissioning a design for certificates to award all staff and Course Reps at UAL who receive notable nominations.

Your entry in this category will be a digital submission of a finished certificate, compatible with Adobe Illustrator. Designs should have a blank space for: the nominee’s name, brief text commendation, Arts SU’s Education Officer’s signature, the UAL Teaching Awards logo, Arts SU’s logo and UAL’s logo. You are welcome to include suggestions of fonts which you believe compliment your design.

The winning certificate designer will be given £100 after we receive an A4 print-ready, high-resolution digital file of the work. All 2D disciplines are welcome to apply.


We are looking for a certificate design that will be a pleasure to give and receive to celebrate the hard work, inspiration and insight of the staff and Course Reps to whom the certificate will be awarded.

We are want a certificate that expresses teaching, learning, and knowledge exchange, and staff and Course Reps’ commitment to improving students’ experiences. We understand that this is a broad brief, and we encourage you to interpret it as you see fit.

Submission information

Deadline for entries is Sunday 8th March 2020 at midnight (GMT). Late entries will not be considered.

Finished works must be delivered by 18th May 2020: do not enter if you cannot meet the production deadline.

Please submit your entry through the link at the bottom of this webpage.

All entries may be displayed on the Arts SU website and may be used for future promotional platforms for the UAL Teaching Awards and Course Rep Awards.

When submitting your entry, you will be asked to include:

1. Up to three images or a pdf of your design/concept. (Max file size 10MB)

2. Up to three images or a pdf of examples of work that you have previously produced. (Max file size 10MB)

3. A concise explanation of your concept why you think it is suitable as an award/certificate.

4. An estimated costing of your work, including a cost per trophy. (Does not apply to certificate design.)


Submit your designs here!


Get in touch

If you have any other questions, then feel free to contact our Representation Coordinator, Julian Porch at