Boycott the NSS

The National Student Survey is a questionnaire given to all final year undergraduates to measure 'satisfaction' with their course.

The scores are then used to compare universities across the country.

Last year, the NSS was going to be used in the metric called the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF), which would have allowed universities to increase fees. For this reason, as well as the general destruction of Higher Education through TEF and the new HE Reforms, the National Union of Students had called a national campaign to boycott the NSS and our Student Council voted to participate.

Alongside 25 other unions across the country, we boycotted the NSS and put pressure on the government to delay the link between fees and TEF.

But the fight does not end there.

With the creation of the Office for Students, it is clearer than ever that the government are trying to create a market in higher education. They want to treat higher education like a transaction; Get in, get a 2:1 and get a job. Our education is worth more than this.

This is why once again will be asking final year students NOT to fill in the survey, and will be encouraging others to help spread the word.

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