We are working collaboratively with UAL to tackle harassment and sexual violence. There have been some exciting changes so far, such as the introduction of an online reporting system by UAL, however we still have work to do.

We believe a positive way of addressing the issue is via education and so one of our focuses has been on consent training. In term one we piloted compulsory training for two LCF courses. This is something we’re looking to continue, ultimately offering training to all foundation students as part of their timetable. We’re also planning to run tailored training for sports clubs and societies. If you’re interested in being involved (either facilitating a session or attending one) then please contact your Welfare Officer, Katy (

If you wish to report an incident of harassment or sexual violence, or would like to know what support is available, UAL have put together information to help you understand your options. You can also find out more about the overall campaign here.