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Freshers Fair 2019

Freshers 2019 Media Pack


We have just announced our Freshers Media Pack (Above). To make sure you get your chance to advertise to UAL students when they arrive, get in contact using our contact form below.

We will be announcing our Yearly Media Pack later this year.

Marketing Opportunities at Arts Students' Union

We offer marketing opportunities year-round to brands who want to reach our 18,000+ creative students.

From on-campus promotions to digital marketing or print publications, We can build bespoke packages to suit your needs and ensure your brand gets noticed across our six colleges!

Arts Students' Union is keen to promote to students, and the wider UAL community, any opportunities and services that are interesting, fun, and beneficial to them.

We are a registered charity, therefore income generated through advertising and sponsorship is reinvested into improving services for our students.

Download our current Media Pack

For all marketing, advertisement, event and exhibition sponsorship enquiries please use our contact form on this page, and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible

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