Case studies

Don’t just listen to us telling you how great Arts SU Creative Opportunities are; read our case studies below and find out exactly how we helped students last year.

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Arts SU Exhibition Support: Dorota Beau-Ingle & Dark Matter Collective

Dark Matter

Dorota applied for and successfully won £500 funding from Arts SU and UAL Commonplace. The application embedded collaboration and community building into the exhibition project. These are two of Arts SU priorities, and this was specified in the application form.

London College of Communication Student, Year 1
New Genes #1 Show: DARK MATTER, November 2015
Studio74, 74 Salisbury Road, NW6 6NU London

Dorota’s feedback

If we didn't receive the Arts SU and UAL Commonplace showcase fund we wouldn't have even dreamed of creating such a complex project.

We would not have been confident enough to invite thousands of photography students from across UAL to contribute work and we wouldn't have thought so big as we had no money ourselves.

After we were awarded the £500 funding from Arts SU, we decided a budget and wrote an exhibition timeline: this included the venue dates, artist confirmation, install, deinstall, and exhibition dates.

Before planning the event we approached several venues in West London and met the venue manager of Studio 74, a photography studio and cafe in Queens Park, North West London.

We discussed our project, our expectations, and the rules and made a Facebook event page to market the event.

Arts SU sent out a press release to their contacts and a blog post was published on the Arts SU tumblr. Exhibition posters and invitations were printed for the private view and as a collective, we took on certain roles.

We had a very good turnout for the Private View with around 75-100 people visiting during the launch and we received excellent feedback from guests.

We sold our work during the private view and during our two artist-run Print Sales days. Later we received the great news that the venue manager had decided to extend our show and so it lasted for two fantastic weeks.


Arts SU Summer Residency: Sean Wyatt-Livesley & Rachel Littlewood

Goat StorySean and Rachel made a strong application and were invited to participate in Arts SU Summer Residency Programme 2015, ending in an exhibition at High Holborn LCF where Arts SU have a gallery space connected to Blueprint Café.

London College of Communication Students, Year 3
Everyone has a Goat Story, September 2015
Arts SU Gallery, UAL High Holborn, WC1V 7EY London

Sean & Rachel’s feedback

We found the opportunity on the Arts SU blog. We were about to graduate and are both interested in working on exhibitions, so it sounded ideal as something to do while we were looking for jobs and internships. It was an easy decision to make; it was a project we could do within UAL but without the pressure of being graded (finally!)

The year before we had worked on four exhibitions together, so we knew that advertising was important. We set up our own Instagram, Facebook and blog for the project and put up posters. We used our contacts to spread the word; ex-tutors of ours invited students and other members of staff to come along.

Essentially the venue turned into our studio where we were able to meet people, work on stuff together and separately, and have a place to work away from home. We were also still within UAL which made researching the project a lot easier.

During the event we uploaded posts and photographs and after the exhibition we wrote up a shorter, reflective piece which was featured in Spark Journal (UAL’s Teaching & Learning Exchange’s new online journal).

We have since had conversations with UAL staff about developing what we learned into other iterations.


Eleanor Armstrong: Lead organiser and president of TEDxUAL Society


When Eleanor started at UAL she wanted to join a TEDxUAL Society. After getting in touch with the SU before arriving, Eleanor discovered that there wasn’t one. Inspired, she set one up herself with the help of the Arts SU Creative Opportunities team.

Eleanor's feedback

The best thing about my year in this role at TEDxUAL Society is that I’ve made really wonderful friends from across UAL and met people that I’d never have come across otherwise - at Arts SU, and at other UAL colleges.

I decided to start up and run this society as I’ve wanted to run a TEDx event for a long time. When I started at UAL I wanted to join a TEDxUAL society but after getting in touch with the SU before I arrived, like the keen person that I am, I discovered that there wasn’t one - so I set one up!

I have developed leadership skills as this is the first large event I’ve lead by myself. Running TEDxUAL has also introduced me to the inner workings of UAL which has been very interesting. It's taught me quite a lot about how to engage with a larger body and to run the event in conjunction with them.

I’ve met lots of other TEDx organisers and am now scheduled to help out at TEDxWhitehall. I have been encouraged by this event to organise other large-scale events and to continue working in the industry later on in my life.

My tips for future society committee members are: keep close tabs on your finances, allow lots of time for people to get back to you and don’t be afraid to do things that other people think are a bit weird - university is about working out what you’d like to be doing with your life!