Whether it’s trying out a project on a smaller scale before making it BIG or staging your first solo exhibition, Arts SU has two free gallery spaces for you to use in whichever way most benefits you and your work.

The spaces are at Chelsea College of Arts and London College of Fashion, High Holborn.

The exhibition slots run for 11 days, Tuesday to the following Friday (inclusive of the weekend). This includes installation and de-installation.

Selected exhibitors will have to attend an information session before using the galleries where further information on using the spaces and completing risk assessments will be given.


High Holborn Floor Plan

Organising your own exhibition? 

Arts SU Exhibition Toolkit will help you with the basics and give you the confidence to get going. Please click to enlarge and read the online version of the toolkit below or grab your free copy of the booklet from the Students' Union office.





How do I apply to use a space?

The first step is to complete the online form below, supplying images of your work and confirming that you agree to the Terms & Conditions.

Follow the hyperlinks here to download the Terms & Conditions in .pdf and .doc formats.

Your application will be reviewed by a selection panel made up of an Arts SU Sabbatical Officer, an Arts SU College Coordinator, the Arts SU Events and Exhibitions Coordinator and a staff member from Made in Arts London.

The panel makes selections in order to showcase a representative mix of creative disciplines, levels of study and colleges attended, rather than to make critical judgements about the work submitted.


When do I submit my work?

Submissions are now closed for this academic year



If you have any questions, please contact Gavin Ramsey, Events and Exhibitions Coordinator:


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