Call for entries

We work with creative partners to bring you unique opportunities such as leading a workshop at an event, developing new work or ideas for a competition or the chance to showcase your work. All open calls for entries are listed below; for our previous collaborations, see the Past Events page.    

I Will Hold Your Gaze

When: Monday 17th - Saturday 22nd July
Where: Chelsea Cookhouse Gallery, 16 John Islip St, SW1P 4JU

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Curated by Lily Waite, I Will Hold Your Gaze aims to provide a much-needed space and platform for trans and non-binary students and graduates across UAL, highlighting and celebrating their voices. As in society, the trans* community within the ‘art world’ is still massively underrepresented, and often overlooked, and ignored.

A trans disciplinary exhibition, I Will Hold Your Gaze will attempt to explore gender, race, sexuality, and identity through different media, as well as reacting to the broader art world and media’s ignorance and problematic view- and standpoints, whilst navigating cis and male gazes, resulting in an exhibition that provides and authentic insight into the lives of trans and non-binary individuals.

If selected your work will need to be available from 17th - 24th July

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Deadline: Midnight, Thursday 29th June

RA Lates: The Other Paradise

RA LatesOpen to: All current UAL students
Ideal for: Fine Art, Performance, Design, Photography, Arts & Science, Fashion, Hair & Make-up, Costume.
When: Saturday 19th August 2017
Where: Royal Academy of Arts, London W1J 0BD

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At this special RA Summer Late, we take inspiration from the ways in which artists and writers have created imaginary worlds for a night-long boutique arts festival complete with artist installations, performances, DJs, live music, secret bars, creative activities and more.

We are inviting UAL student proposals for immersive installations, performances, set designs, costumes, activities and experiences that will feature as part of RA Lates: The Other Paradise. Some ideas and themes to think about:

• Portrayals of paradise, tropical islands and Arcadia
• Worlds and cities in Ancient Mythology (Greek, Norse, Egyptian, Roman)
• Architectural fictions / architecture of memory eg Italo Calvino ‘Invisible Cities’
• Sci-fi films as contemporary depictions of ‘new worlds’
• Fairy-tales or children’s stories

How to apply

Step 1:  Get Inspired
RA Lates: The 1898 Bal du Rat Mort
RA Lates: New Soviet World
RA Lates: The Summer Circus
RA Lates: The Garden at Night

Step 2:Read this helpful info: information on writing your proposal

Step 3: Propose something via the online form

Participants will be notified and invited to an informal initial meeting shortly after the deadline.

If selected they will then work with the Royal Academy to develop their ideas for the event. Participants must be available to meet on the afternoon of Monday 10th July, 2017.

Submission deadline: Midnight, Sunday 2nd of July, 2017


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