Arts Ball

This Spring will see the launch of the inaugural Arts Ball 2018. This will be one of the biggest events of the year for all UAL students. Taking place on Thursday 31st of May from 8pm to 2am the experiential evening will begin with a drinks and canape reception, followed by music and DJs until late. This year’s Arts Ball theme is Power & Equality, inspired by a year of #MeToo #TimesUp #HeForShe and the anniversary of women’s suffrage.

We are looking for three commissions from UAL students to bring this year’s Arts Ball theme to life and make the night memorable for every UAL student. We expect this event to sell out so this will be a wonderful place to exhibit and showcase your work. Before applying for this commission: you must be available on Thursday 31st May for installation and Friday 1st June 10-2pm for de-installation. Please do not apply if you cannot be present on these dates. You must be able to install & de-install your installation largely by yourself, if you will require extra help please state this in your proposal. There will be some non-specialist support staff available on the day.

Deadline to apply: Friday 11th May at 9am

Conversations on developing the proposal, and an opportunity to view the space for successful applicants will take place on Monday 14th May

Commission 1: Mainstage Focal Point

£730: £330 artist fee + £400 for materials

On the main stage of The Venue we are looking for a sculpture or installation to be the focal point of the main dance room. There is a projection screen available at the back of the stage for any video work/visuals you wish to submit and a space where an installation can be put in place. The stage is raised but we suggest that your installation has some height/is raised so to make an impact from the back of the room. We are looking for something to be an eye catching and spectacular presence in the space. The dimensions of the stage are 6.9m x 3.5m, and DJ equipment will take up around 60% of the space, so please factor this in to your plan. Please download the floor plan for further details on the space and dimensions.

Download Main Venue Floor Plan

Commission 2: Mezzanine Transformation

£730: £330 artist’s fee + £400 for materials

Students will enter The Venue through the Mezzanine space, overlooking the main dance floor of the venue. Once the party has started it will be accessible for attendees to sit/stand away from the main dancefloor. We are looking to transform this mezzanine into an experiential space, responding to the themes of Power & Equality. The space includes a small seating area in the left corner, and a staircase down to the main dance floor on the right. We are ideally looking for something immersive here that will change the feel of the space without dramatically restricting the capacity with a space consuming structure. The maximum capacity of the space when empty is 50 people standing so please factor this into your plan. Please download the floor plan for details on the space and dimensions.

Download Mezzanine Floor Plan

Commission 3: Roaming Performance

£540: £330 artist’s fee + £210 for materials

Adding to the experiential element of the event, we are looking to commission performer(s) to roam the ball and interact with guests. This performance should respond to the themes of Power & Equality, be enjoyable for visitors, and ideally add an extra level of spectacle to the evening. Performances will be expected to take place between 8pm and 2am.

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