About Arts SU Elections

What is an Arts SU Officer? 

Arts SU Officers are elected by current students from across UAL. 

There are many elected roles available; and some require more involvement than others. 

All officers are elected by UAL students in either the October or February elections. Roles available to apply for will be listed online before each election.

Full-Time Sabbatical Officers 

The students' union offers four paid, Full-Time Sabbatical Officers - Activities, Campaigns, Welfare and Education Officer - that can be held for one or two years. These Full Time Officer roles – or Sabbatical Officer (SABB) roles – allow you take a year away from your academic studies to work at UAL’s Arts SU, or can be done after you have graduated if you are in your final year. As a SABB you will set the priorities Arts SU focuses on over the coming year to improve UAL and the lives of its students. 

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Part Time Officers

Arts SU also has 12 unpaid Part Time Officer positions, that can be taken on alongside your existing commitments and academic work. These range from Liberation roles – that champion the interested of a particular student demographic, such as LGBTQ+ Officer or Black Students Officer – to College focused roles, such as Camberwell Officer and LCC Officer – to roles that represent defined student group, such as Postgraduate Officer and Further Education Officer.  

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NUS Delegates 

NUS National Conference is a national conference of all Students’ Unions. This is a great opportunity to shape the future of student politics and get involved. It is an opportunity to hold the national student executive to account, vote in elections for the new executive team and get involved with national student campaigning. It’s a 3-day event attended by around 1,500 students who have been elected within their students’ union.  

The people you elect to be your NUS delegates will have three main roles during the conference; they will vote in national elections, vote on policy and vote on reports. 

Arts SU pay membership fees to be part of NUS, we need to make sure that NUS is working to improve the lives of students nationally and locally at UAL. Running for a delegate means you can ensure that happens!

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Student Trustee

As a Student Trustee you will sit on the trustee board, made up of elected students and external professionals. The trustee board are responsible for making sure the union's finances are all in check and that all activities benefit all students. The board includes our four elected Sabbatical officers, three elected Student Trustees and two people appointed for their expertise.

Excellent experience for your CV, personal and professional development you will be expected to attend twice termly trustee board meetings.

Student Council Member

Student Council is the key decisions making body of Arts Student Union. All current UAL students can attend council. However only members of Student Council can vote on motions or decisions. All elected student officers automatically become members of the Student Council. Alongside these officers Arts SU has positions for Student Council Members representing different groups of students from across UAL.

Being a Student Council Member is one of the most effective ways to make lasting and significant change for the benefit of the students you wish to represent. The decisions made at Student Council influence the Union's policies, public stance on national and local issues, and actions.

Why should I nominate myself to become and elected Officer? 

As an Officer you will gain amazing personal and professional skills and experience and also have a lot of fun! 

  • Influence University and National Policy
  • Organise events and activities for those you represent  
  • Have access to a budget to make things happen 
  • Access training opportunities and funds to attend relevant conferences and trips 
  • Gain professional experience working with Arts SU & UAL teams 
  • Work closely with students to understand their needs and interests 
  • Attend Student Council and work with an amazing team of fellow Officers 

Read more here about the benefits of becoming an Officer here.

Nominate yourself to lead, represent and liberate UAL students online before Wednesday 24 October (5pm). 

How to nominate yourself… 

Nominating yourself for any Officer role couldn’t be easier: 

  • Upload a photo of yourself that will be used to introduce other students to you online  
  • Give us a summary of what you want to achieve in the role (your manifesto) (250 words max.) 
  • Upload a poster or art work that you will use to promote your campaign  
  • Let us know which candidate briefing you can attend, and commit to attending
  • Submit this information online before the deadlin   

To speak to someone about the roles, nominating yourself and the elections process please email: democracy@su.arts.ac.uk 

How the election process works… 

After you’ve nominated yourself you will be invited to attend a session to learn about how the elections work and get tips and advice on effective campaigning. You can attend one of two sessions

Those running for election will campaign online and off to win votes and explain to their fellow students why they should vote for you. You are encouraged to get your friends involved to help you campaign and be as creative as possible. 

Voting will happen online, with voting stalls on campus throughout the week: where you can encourage students present to vote. 

Winners will be declared at the announcement party

Past Officer experiences: