Candidate for the position of London College of Fashion Officer

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Annie Williams

An experienced, determined, and inclusive approach. Changing LCF for you.

Hi! I’m Annie (she/her) and I am a final year student at LCF doing Visual Merchandising and Branding!

As a disabled student who studied through the pandemic, I have a wealth of experience that I feel would benefit my role as officer. Hearing the opinions of students at LCF is one of my main priorities. You deserve to have the best time at university, and although that will look different for everyone, it is vital that everyone gets that opportunity.

My aims build upon the incredible changes brought about by the SU this past year.


UAL has consistently not met my needs as a disabled student, and caused stress that has impacted my studies.

Illness, disability, or poor mental health cannot always be solved by taking time out, and I want LCF to better accommodates long-distance students. Digital learning resources should be made permanently available. I hope to introduce a scheme where disabled/chronically ill students can choose a buddy (staff or fellow classmates), who is appropriately trained in providing basic help.

Decolonising UAL:

Underrepresented people must feel seen without embarrassment, and staff and students should be provided with mandatory courses in diversity and culture. We should ensure diversity in external employees.

Mental Health and Well-being:

Students should be able to access support, even if they feel its unnecessary, because nearly everyone struggles with their mental health and this is normalised in students.

I will improve mental health services with talks, emails, safe-spaces and check-ins for students AND staff.

International Students:

UAL should make international students feel valued and supported, and encourage mixing of home and international students. Events encourage students to socialise and combat feelings of loneliness and homesickness).

Increasing pressure on UAL to provide bursaries for both international and disadvantaged background students will improve inclusivity and diversity.