Candidate for the position of School Rep: LCC ¦ Design

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Karen Maley

Focused On Listening, Working Collectively and Making Your Voice Heard

Hello! My name is Karen and I am currently studying in Year 1 Illustration and Visual Media at LCC.

I have volunteered my time here at UAL to be the voice of students as Course Representative, and would love the opportunity to represent the views for all students within the Design School at LCC, as your School Representative.

As a mature student I noticed a need to set up a Mature Students Society, of which I am President of, where students can meet, seek comfort and connection from other mature students who have entered into study after experiencing life outside of education. University life is extremely different to life in employment and I want to be confident that these mature students have access to others who know what they may be experiencing.

I am an empathetic and compassionate person, and realise the importance of having Representatives wihtin the various fields. Those that know me will know I am not afraid to speak up, especially if I am speaking on someone else's behalf.

I believe that communication is key, and I take pride in providing feedback to both students and staff in a respectable and professional manner. I can build strong, professional relationships with both students and key members of staff to create an environment that allows for growth.

If I am elected I will continue to proatively speak to, and listen to, ALL students within LCC Design and use the valuable information given to me to forward onto the relevant pathways. Your voice is so powerful and I relish that at UAL we are encouraged to speak to create positive change. I want to make sure everyone takes that opportunity, by supporting course representatives and using all available platforms to reach out.

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