Candidate for the position of London College of Communication Officer

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Richard Morris Afun

Here to serve you!

My name is Richard Morris Afun (he/him)


I am a Ghanaian MA Advertising student at LCC. I currently serve as course representative, where I work cooperatively with students and the school administration to improve the overall course experience. My position has allowed me to discover existing opportunities to enhance student affairs. The role of the Education Officer, I believe, is the platform that can enable me to serve and scale this impact.


If elected, I will be focusing on three key areas:

  1. Cross College Collaboration through courses, communities, and societies.
  2. Employability amongst underrepresented groups.
  3. International Student Scholarships. 


Cross College Collaboration:

UAL consists of diverse people and talents, yet collaboration remains low. Clubs and societies are an excellent platform to foster such partnerships. My goal is to use them to encourage more meaningful collaboration across our colleges with the help of the Student Communities Officer & Activities Officer.


Employability for underrepresented groups:

Like myself, many students are unsure of their career prospects after school. Although the school has avenues that help, some skillsets and courses are more advantaged. My goal is to partner with the Career & Employability Department and Placements Office to increase access and create more diverse work opportunities for students across disciplines.


International Student Scholarships:

After Brexit and the COVID pandemic, access to funding for international students has become more crucial. My goal is to lobby for the reallocation of funds to increase the number of scholarships and overall support available to international students.


I am a service-oriented person who is excited about dedicating my skillset and time to creating a better experience for every student. I believe that a better UAL lies in the power of collaboration and equal opportunities. 


Vote Richard for #1 as your Education Officer.