Candidate for the position of School Rep: CSM ¦ Art & Performance

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Esme Godkin

Esme G standing up for your voice, wellbeing and accessibility.

I’m Esme (she/her) and I'm standing to be your next Art and Performance representative for CSM. I’m a first year fine artist on the Xd pathway and my dedication to my art practice, my studio and community,paired with my desire to raise issues of inequality, has drawn me to a role that will allow me to speak up and make real change on your behalf.


I've supported other students as a pathway representative. I also advocated for the LGBTAIQ+ community through awareness month events. through  my contributions, I’ve brought a voice to underrepresented student groups and this will be my priority if you vote me as #1 Art and performance representative for CSM.

My priorites:

  • Marginalized voices- Ensuring CSM is a safe and comfortable environment for students to share their identities and backgrounds; continuing with the safe space crit events, allowing students to discuss experiences of discrimination within CSM or work relevant to their idenities, in an environment free from tutors. Using feedback from the events (with students permission) to advise leaders on how better handle cases of discrimination and create an enviroment that promotes marginalised voices. 

  • Accessibility-  With the increasing demand for students to attend in person content and tutorials, there is a need for events to be physically accessible  for disabled students and also an acknowledgment that there may be increased mental strain and anxieties for those suffering with mental health demands,As physical attendance becomes more important  tutors need to prioritize students' wellbeing and there should be leniency for absences relating to these issues.

  • Mental wellbeing: Advocating for better education and training for staff and students surrounding mental wellbeing, promoting the services and support networks available at CSM. Acknowledging how mental health concerns may affect students' experiences and ensuring support networks are put in place.