Candidate for the position of London College of Communication Officer

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Tanisha Agarwal


Hey, my name is Tanisha Agarwal (she/her) from India, currently pursuing a Post-graduation in Visual Communication at London College of Communication. I am running for the College Officer role at LCC.

I am a course rep, college ambassador and an active member of the dance society. I come from a finance academic background which gives me a unique experience and understanding of how efficiently managing little things can make a difference. My journey at UAL has always encouraged me to speak my mind and express my opinions freely. My vision as the College Officer is to empower you. Resolve every concern, small or big, make sure that you have the right to voice yourself and be the force that allows us to be the change we see in our tomorrow.  

If elected as College Officer I aim to: 

  • International representation: A more wholesome representation of international students, understanding their issues regarding visas, internships, job placements and affordability of everyday living.

  • Industry Collaborations: UAL being a global platform, can bridge the gap between industry and students relationship establishment. Working opportunities with professionals to boost student careers. Also, frequent cross college/course collaborations.

  • Skill Development: Promotion of life skills like – self-care, meditation, cooking, personal finances, empathy and fitness.

  • Efficient communication: Better promotion of college resources – so that students are well aware of all the resources available to them to use it to their advantage.

  • After graduate support: Support after your graduation.

  • Student led events: Student access to organise more student led events to experiment, promote, learn and network.

  • Fund availability: Lobbying UAL to increase available funding for students in need or students from lower-income families in order to ensure equal access to materials and opportunities to produce quality work. 

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