Candidate for the position of School Rep: CCW ¦ Performance & Foundation

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Alexandra "Lexa" Barbulescu

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Heyy, I’m Lexa, a second-year student (BA Theatre Design) at Wimbledon College of Arts. I’m very energetic, enthusiastic and want to bring a ray of sunshine to people’s lives!


  • To develop and encourage communication between students and UAL staff
  • To ease the damage done by the pandemic in terms of learning availability and community-building
  • To represent all students and help non-native English speakers who might struggle with voicing their opinions due to language barriers


  • Student Rep: I have been working on my communication skills, listening to my colleagues and gathering feedback. I have been very involved in meetings, bringing both positive and negative feedback.
  • Helped organise activities around my course, keeping open conversations and a positive attitude within the studio.
  • Talking with people about their experiences, taking initiative and finding creative ways to solve problems.


  • Improve access to resources, learning spaces and workshops: our generation has been heavily impacted by lockdowns, so making the best of facility access is a priority. I want to propose regular meetings with Student Reps and UAL staff in order to have our needs met, and to create a Reps Newsletter to improve direct communication.
  • Blended learning: the pandemic showed us the advantage in being able to access recorded lectures and saving time commuting to college. I want students to have time to explore opportunities by choosing which classes should remain online, and where they need in-person teaching.
  • Year-group socialising: as coming back to college can cause students social anxiety, I want to focus on small community building within individual courses. I want to encourage more initiatives for tutor-led activities (visits to museums, theatres) and to provide spaces for parties, exhibitions, game nights etc.