Candidate for the position of London College of Fashion Officer

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Divya Samant

Build a better and brighter future for LCF. Vote Divya!

Hi everyone! 

My name is Divya Samant (she/her), and I am a second-year student at the London College of Fashion.  

I am an international student from America, and I hope to represent you in the capacity of London College of Fashion Officer next year! 


I have the following experience which will allow me to be a great LCF Officer: 

  • Served as a student ambassador to discuss mental health decline in public high schools with Pennsylvania State government, and secured additional resources from the state to be allocated towards mental health initiatives and support across my district 

  • Am course representative, and familiar with the university’s internal communications and student feedback system 

  • Served as student body president for two years, and facilitated both statewide and national leadership opportunities for students, inclusive of skill building conferences, leadership conferences and events to engage with the underprivileged members of the community 

If elected LCF Officer I aim to: 

  • Diversify our skill sets by: 

    • facilitating extracurricular skill-building workshops for students that go beyond creative skills, such as agile management and leadership 

    • organizing more community-driven initiatives

    • partnering with other student leaders and societies across UK universities to create cross-curricular optional programs to partake in 

  • Build a better-connected student body by: 

    • putting together university wide skill-building conferences in which students can connect with industry, academics and each other 

    • introducing more cross-degree events and activities 

    • lobbying for more events showcasing student work across year levels 

  • Work towards making LCF campus environments as safe and positive as possible by: 

    • ensuring free and accessible PPE is available at every campus 

    • championing student feedback and voices through town-halls and feedback forums 

    • supporting the needs of every student, whether it be improving mental-health services, connecting with industry, or anything in between!


Vote Divya, so we can build a better and brighter future together!