Candidate for the position of School Rep: CSM ¦ C&E, GCD, Spatial Practices

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Danah Karam

Hello, I am Danah Karam 

I am from Kuwait, and lived in the UAE aka Dubai for 18 years. I did my undergrad in Journalism and I have a decade-long work experience in Marketing and Advertising.  

I worked at agencies and on the client side. I specialise in creative copywriting, creative direction, branding and creative strategy. I am a first year MA Innovation Management student.  

I am the professional with insider information and real-world hacks that can support students and members of staff. My professional senses immediately looked at pain points and areas of improvement for MAIM, C&E and CSM at large.  

What makes me different 

I am a motivator, a change agent which makes me approachable. As a change agent, I am also a great communicator which makes me influential and that helps with speaking to decision makers and power holders. Being a great communicator who’s also an empath makes me trustworthy as I am able to understand people well.   

My thoughts and ideas 

There is a lack of cross-collaborative efforts between students and that is an opportunity to tap into. In my work experience, I saw how siloed departments were the least effective, efficient, creative and overall satisfied.  

I also noticed that the world of academia is so far removed from the real world that I feel it’s setting up students for a surprise and not a happy one. I believe academic strategies and planning efforts need to include real world experience, and not just as placements.  


Being my authentic self and leading by example as well as embracing my strengths (communication, creativity, empathy) gave me the super power to break the barriers of the sterile corporate world. I was a catalyst that made different departments friendlier, embracing people’s quirks and identify, fostering creativity and overall sense 

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