Candidate for the position of Chelsea, Camberwell & Wimbledon Officer

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Kim Hughes

Affordable, Sustainable Living through Power in Education.

@kimmothy - she/they

I’m Kim, a BA Fine Art Representative at Chelsea

Being a rep has highlighted large-scale issues that won’t be solved at course level. The Cost of Living is Out of Control. Services are Difficult to Access. Education seems more a Luxury than Human Right. Students should not be sacrificing Time, Money and Health for Education at the current scale. 

As CCW Officer I will liaise with college committees to Improve Student Learning and Culture at UAL, and work with Arts SU and NUS to lobby Improvements to Student Living at a National Level

Actions I stand for: 

  • Revive National Protest Against Tuition Fees 
  • Demand Lower Accommodation Costs
  • Lobby TfL and National Rail for Student Railcards
  • Free Period Products and Condoms in UAL bathrooms
  • Establish Food Banks and more Free Meals across UAL sites and accommodations
  • CCW Art Fairs: regular open-access fairs held across CCW for students to sell and display
  • Expand Mental Health Services: regular workshops and faster access to counselling  
  • Easier Access to Accommodation Advice, Visa Assistance, Financial Support and NHS Services
  • Onsite CCW Recycling Centres: develop material sustainability and broaden creative practices
  • Creation of Green Spaces across CCW : gardens and growing spaces curated by students
  • Build Partnerships with Grassroots Organisations and Businesses: develop Accessible and Ethical Careers and Opportunities beyond UAL
  • Raise Student Voice at CCW: maintain that the institution recognises the needs of marginalised groups - LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, Disabled and International Students
  • Further the Decolonisation and Modernisation of CCW Programmes : widen access to committee meetings
  • Recover more Social Spaces at CCW: Student Bars are safeguarded and create onsite jobs 
  • Forums for Students Across CCW

I believe we can Unify the CCW Community, and I am pushing for a UAL Online Platform : opportunity for Cross-Course and Cross-College Communication and Interdisciplinary Collaboration.

Vote for Kim !