Candidate for the position of Chelsea, Camberwell & Wimbledon Officer

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Michelle Leano

Vote for Michelle, vote for Education and Industry opportunities.

Hi! My name is Michelle and I’m running for CCW College officer. I’m a third year Graphic Design student and over the time I’ve been studying at UAL I’vegained an insight into what needs to be improved at CCW.

Why I’m fit for the role:

I have first hand experience in advocating for students and workers rights. I’ve been involved in the organisation of the Action UAL campaign, I’ve also supported and followed union action by UCU tutors, as well as advocated and been involved in the End Outsourcing campaign. As Vice-president of the Latinx Collective (2020-2021) I’ve also been responsible for budgeting and activities programming through a pandemic. My organisational skills along for my passion for activism make me a perfect fit for the role.

What I intend to do:

Education—I will campaign for more contact time with tutors throughout the year. This would mean hiring tutors on a permanent basis, instead of term by term. I will also campaign against “hot desks” being pushed in lieu of studio space, to ensure newer and future students have the same opportunities to learn as previous ones.

Industry opportunities—Work opportunities don’t always come from a job fair at CSM. As CCW Officer I will push to expand the current support available for student small businesses and freelancers. This would be in the form of lobbying for a CCW Makers Market, workshops that teach how to apply for project funding, and small business admin work.

I will be working closely with school and course reps to listen to your concerns. If you support any of these points, vote for me as your 1st choice at the Students’ Union elections 2022.