Candidate for the position of London College of Communication Officer

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Aminah Nahar

Representing minority students, Better mental health, Tackling SA

Hi, my name is Aminah (she/her)

I am currently in my final year of studying Public Relations at LCC. I am running for the role of College Officer, because I believe that it is vital for the University to make important changes as to how they represent minority students, help students with their mental health and deal with sexual harassment and violence towards women on campus. Studying PR has taught me how to create successful communication plans and highlight key issues effectively. As a Bengali woman of colour, it is imperative to me that minority students are better represented at the University, and that students have more mental health support, especially after the pandemic.

If elected I will:

Represent minority students by:

  • Ensuring that the University addresses cases of discrimination properly
  • Campaigning for an anti-racist and decolonial education
  • Offering BAME counsellors for students
  • Creating spaces exclusively for BAME and/or LGBTQIA+ students to come to together
  • Writing statements about current affairs to educate the LCC community

Push LCC to offer more mental health support:

  • Campaign to increase funding for counselling services and to decrease waiting times
  • Campaign for the University to offer more support to students applying for ECs due to mental health reasons
  • Support societies and events that will improve students wellbeing

Supporting those who have experienced SA:

  • Ensure the University handles cases of SA timely, appropriately, and with discretion
  • Ensure that there is a sexual harassment and abuse advisor to support victims
  • Create accessible resources about consent and review the current provision of consent training