Candidate for the position of Union Affairs Officer

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Axel Espana

UAL: United And Liberated !

My name is Axel, I’m a Mexican illustrator with a diverse multicultural background studying at LCC. I have three years of experience in the Student Union and I love the community we are all a part of in UAL which is why I am postulating my candidacy for Union Affairs Officer.

Working with the Student Union has given me insight into the issues that need addressing in our communities and I believe that working in this role will put me in a unique position to pursue these and other campaigns I have commenced as Student Union President and as founder and president of UAL Swimming. I believe that our main priority should be solidifying the line of communications amongst our clubs and organizations once again, to strengthen our Student Union and extend a positive reach into more than just UAL, for we have the potential to impact communities all around London.

As the Affairs Officer, I aim to continue a healthy reintroduction to all activities after this pandemic climate by addressing the mental health aspects of our return to help our students succeed in a post-pandemic world.

I believe that UAL is filled with potential and that there are great leaders amongst us with the capacity to mold their surroundings. During this time I have been in touch with students from all our universities with numerous roles in the union who have been of great impact during this past couple of years and I have observed trends that we could harness to address certain key issues. We must take advantage of this moment if we are to re-establish ourselves after this pandemic and come back stronger than ever. It is our duty after all, as members of this community to look out for future UAL students.