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Karl Andress

It´s time to work a little harder

My name is Karl Andress and I´m a year 2 student from Acting and Performance at Wimbledon. Through the years I´ve been at UAL, I, like many others, noticed several areas that could be improved. Eventually, I got tired of siting and complaining, and this pushed me to apply for this role.

Be it in terms of communication or organization, I realized that small changes in these areas could really upgrade the student´s experiences. Some of the ideas I would like to put forwards as a School Representative for the Performance and Foundation courses at CCW would be:

  • Increasing the collaborations between students from these courses
  • Supporting the opening of new clubs – e.g., a monologue club where students could work to create material for their portfolios
  • Helping students voice their projects – using school boards and social media 
  • Opening a suggestion box, that would allow students to anonymously voice their complaints and ideas
  • Working with the teachers in order for the students to get a faster and clearer communication and to ease the instability of UAL

Through my years as a prefect at school, I developed skills and experience for these types of roles. My friends consider me a good listener and a determined person, qualities I believe could be useful for this role. And if these are not enough, I will work hard to find the answers.

Others may have better ideas – but ideas can fail. At the end of the day what remains is consistency and resilience. And I am not someone who gives up. I promise to work with the other student representatives towards improvement in both academic and personal wellbeing to ameliorate the student experience.

The 7th of March vote for Karl

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