Candidate for the position of School Rep: CCW ¦ Design

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Alise Anderson

Supporting the Designer Experience



Alise Jean Anderson 


I’m Alise (She/Her)

I am running for CCW Design Representative! I am currently on the BA(Hons) Graphic Design Communication course at Chelsea for my second year. I wish for UAL to be a place of comfort and of accessibility; to ensure that the assimilation of in-person learning is thoughtful and caring to all students. I believe that this is only possible by alleviating students of external life stresses so that they are able to flourish to their full potential. 


I Will:

  • Ensure the creation of multi-faith rooms for students (and staff) on all CCW campuses.

  • Lobby for the progression of safeguard (ex. Anti-racism, consent etc…) training for all staff at CCW. 

  • Introduce free menstruation products in CCW bathrooms. 

  • Lobby for the development of course and administration organisation, as students need consistency and a better understanding of their course. 

  • Lobby for students to be able to utilize equipment outside of their course via a booking system. 

  • Elevate the decolonisation of our education by sourcing less western artist / references by lecturers. 

  • Continuously pave for our education and studio environment to being environmentally conscious. 


I wish to be a representative that listens to the students of CCW Design and responds to their direct interest to the best of my ability. I hope to be kind and compassionate, and feel as though students feel heard.