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This February, students in every UAL college will vote for the student representatives they want for 2017-18. The elected students - otherwise known as Officers - will then improve courses, get better facilities, or change university policy.

Being a student officer is a wonderful, fun and unique experience, which enables you to shape the future, create change, make friends, network and represent Arts SU at national conferences.

Arts Students' Union has four full-time student officer roles and those who are elected support student campaigns, activities, welfare, and education.

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Activities Officer

Leah Kahn Manifesto | Artwork

Campaigns Officer

Sahaya James Manifesto | Artwork


Education Officer

Hansika Jethnani Manifesto | Artwork

Welfare Officer

Katayoun Jalili Manifesto | Artwork

Camberwell Officer

Ellen Hall

Chelsea Officer

James Frost

Wimbledon Officer

Avni Goyal Manifesto | Artwork

CSM Officer

Lachlan Marshall Manifesto | Artwork

LCC Officer

Sarah Serunjogi Manifesto | Artwork

LCF Officer

Christine Smith

Black Students' Officer

Sarah Serunjogi Manifesto | Artwork

Women's Officer

Cynthia Silveira Manifesto | Artwork

LGBTQ Officer

Ali Atakan Manifesto | Artwork

International Students' Officer


Michael Taco

Disabled Students' Officer

Bab Tabase

Student Trustee

Christine Smith

Sarah Jaafar

Lachlan Marshall Manifesto | Artwork

NUS Delegate

Katayoun Jalili Manifesto | Artwork

Sarah Serunjogi Manifesto | Artwork

Hansika Jethnani Manifesto | Artwork

Karol Stefanowicz Manifesto | Artwork


Important Dates


Nominations Open: Monday 30th Jan
Nominations Close: Wednesday 8th Feb
Campaigning Starts: Monday 13th Feb
Voting Opens: Monday 20th Feb
Voting Closes: Thursday 23rd 3pm
Results: Friday 24th 5pm onwards


Elections rules

You can find a copy of the guidance document for elections here

Avni Goyal

Hear more from CCW Officer Avni Goyal


Hear more from LQBTQ Officer Julius


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