Xhibit showcases the best emerging creatives from UAL and was originally founded in 1997 byChelsea College graduates Kit Hammonds and Angela Robinson. We are thrilled to announce Xhibit’s catalogue launch in November 2020, in preparation for the exhibition launch at APT Gallery in February 2021! This session is just one in a series of practical workshops from the Arts SU to support you in developing your professional creative practice. 

How do artists make a collective? What does it mean to work singularly? These are just a few questions that will be explored by Colin Lievens, Gail Theis and Tom Oliver chaired by Marjian Tsatsaros Tyagi. As emerging creatives, this panel discussion will invite you to reflect on your position in the creative world and how to find ways to collaborate or not feel lonely.

This event has been coordinated by the Arts SU Arts Programme - to find out more about our current calls and further opportunities please head to: https://www.arts-su.com/yourart

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