Interface' is a monthly meeting between the arts universities of London, and their CU's - all are welcome to join in and hear about the lives of different people working in the arts.

On the 2nd of December we have Kaori Homma, associate Lecturer at our very own CSM/ CCW University of Arts London.
An artist who works with Installations and beautifully made etchings.

About Kaori in her own words:

My current works are drawings by fire. The images seen in my work are not by a pigment sitting on a surface, as of a conventional drawing, but by a technique normally associated with secret correspondence used in the past, called “aburi-dashi” in Japanese.

Using fire, acid and water the images are made as the integral part of the paper. The resulting image contains a level of fragility and notion of death within it by nature. In my work the connotation of transience associated with the methodology is important as it highlights a position at the opposite end of spectrum from the monumentalism, even through the actual physicality of the drawing endures.

Using these transient mediums I am contemplating the ontological notion of “east” as in the East of Eden, where human condition can be described as somewhat disinherited and displaced, and yet at the same time carry the memory of its origin.

I am exploring the perceptions of demarcations as well as the similitude found in between the West and the East, which is often perceived as a polemical position. And yet once you refer to the above notion of the “east” this polarity seems to become more fluid. For me, as a Japanese artist living and working in UK, the idea of tracing the deciduousness of demarcation is not only theoretical but also personal.