Give it a go encourages new and existing students at UAL to try a new sports club or society. Here, you will have the opportunity to meet new and existing club members and see if hockey is the right sport for you. People of all levels are welcome at hockey and although we only have a women's team at the moment, we invite all genders to participate in training. Our give it a go session will be a relaxed training session so that people can see what a normal Sunday afternoon looks like for our players. 

We are part of BUCS and will be moving up in the league this season (whoop whoop). 

We have two give it a go sessions running over the first two weekends in October. They are both exactly the same, except the first one starts at 4:30 and the second starts at 4! So if you're looking for a good run around or simply a chat with some friendly hockey fans, please come along!