A talk and Q&A with Digital Artist Irina French. Irina creates highly detailed fantasy paintings, with her work featuring on book covers. Join this talk to hear her talk about her journey and practise, and how she creates her pieces from scratch. Come join and ask questions to a real creator if you're unsure about anything in your own practise, and help inform yourself on digital art. 

My name is Irina French and I am a UK-based freelance digital artist, mainly working on character illustrations. Dungeons and Dragons, as well as anything fantasy, get me inspired. I aim to tell a story with my artworks. I was honoured to have my art featured in a number of ImagineFX magazine articles. As a digital artist and illustrator with more than 6 years of professional experience, I have worked to create a various range of art, including paintings for book covers and music albums. I have been always interested in art, so I dedicated over the last ten years of persistent studies in order to learn and improve at this skill.

Check out her website to see more of her work: http://irinafrench.com/illustrations/

This event is for anyone thinking of creating digital art, or are even just interested in fantasy work. Come along no matter what course you do, you will learn useful tips about creative practise either way!

The talk is free to all Vis Soc members, and £1 for non-members so make sure you buy a membership for only £5 to access this event and every upcoming event we have planned.

The event will be held on Google Meets on Wednesday 12th May at 4pm, so we look forward to seeing you then!