A talk and practical workshop about CAD and 3D Design with Amy Phillips. Amy works as an Industrial Designer, creating CAD models for manufacture in a number of ways. In this workshop you will learn about CAD: What it is, what is stands for, what it can be used for. Amy will introduce you to different types of CAD software and where you may want to use those. She will also be doing a simple tutorial, where you will learn how to create basic shapes and how to apply and render different materials on the shapes you create.

If the session is successful we will be hosting another in more detail where you can learn more advanced techniques, so attend if you want to learn more in the future!

Take a look at this article of free CAD software: https://www.sculpteo.com/en/3d-learning-hub/3d-printing-software/best-free-cad-software-selection/ before the session to get an idea of what you can use without having to pay!

This event is for anyone curious about 3D design and CAD. Come along no matter what course you do, you will learn useful tips about 3D design and rendering either way!

The talk is free to all Vis Soc members, and £1 for non-members so make sure you buy a membership for only £5 to access this event and every upcoming event we have planned.

The event will be held on Zoom on Tuesday 18th May at 7pm, so we look forward to seeing you then!