Quick reminder about the sessions:

  • You will get 2 tutored hours on the wheel and 2 tutored hours hand-building
  • There are at least two experienced teachers per session.
  • All materials and firing costs are included in this price! - The Kiln Rooms team will prep and glaze your pieces, and you will have access to their glaze selection!
  • Generally you will be leaving the session with 3-4 pieces made - which will be ready to collect in 3 weeks!
  • The price for our introductory session is £55 (we have applied for a grant on-top of subsidising the tickets! These sessions would normally cost: £95 per person!)

They have a step-up system at the Kiln Rooms, specifically done to ensure the skill-based teaching of their classes allows for their students to properly develop their skills in different techniques - so that they can eventually become members in their studio.

  1. You would start with one of their full introductory sessions. (4 and a half hours long, 2 hours hand building and 2 hours throwing) this would put you on the waiting list for the next step:
  2. Their 5-week course, aimed at introducing and developing skills and then narrowing this to a project that you will complete with the tutors guidance, you can use the wheel or hand-build, and learn to properly finish and glaze your piece. (this again will put you on the waiting list for the next step)
  3. Their 12-week course, a more in-depth tutoring experience where you can attempt something more ambitious.
  4. Once you have completed all 3 steps, you are eligible to go on their waiting list to become a member of their studio, where you have studio access to make whatever you want. You can see more info about all of the above courses and their methodology on their website: http://www.thekilnrooms.com

This ticket is for one of the 3 introductory sessions that we are running this term. This means that next term we hopefully will be introducing a few 5-week courses, available to those who have completed the induction, expanding to the 12-week course in term 2 and 3. By being a part of our society, you are skipping their waiting-list, which is an amazing opportunity considering the massive demand for such courses and member’s studio access in London.