At the 1A studio, you will be able to create hand-built ceramics with their experienced in-house ceramicist Colleen. You will have almost 2 hours to create your piece and the session will be on Saturday the 28th of Jan between 1-3pm. We would like for you to attend no more than two sessions with the 1A Arts - to allow other members a chance to get a hold of a ticket - thank you! :)

  • The session is two hours long (Colleen will give you a short introduction)
  • You will have the choice between using red or white earthenware clay, and a range of coloured slips
  • You will have access to a small range of moulds of plates and bowls should you wish to use these :)
  • Colleen will talk with you about what you want to make and advise you on how to go about it!
  • Create hand-built pottery in a fun and relaxed environment!
  • Tickets are £17.50, first-come first serve, and for members only!

Excited to see you there!

Ceramics Soc Committee :)

Cancellation policy: 72 hours notice for external sessions (such as this). Refunds are dependent on someone purchasing your ticket, either from you directly, or through us! If someone is taking your ticket directly: they have to be a member of ceramics society and you need to let us know in advance - if we don’t update the company, they will not be allowed in in your place. Thank you!