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About Us

The creative society 'All Size Fits' promotes a diverse range of sizes within fashion design. From plus size to athletic figures, it is an environment where students can collaborate on new design ideas without fitting into the industry standards of sizing. 

The society will meet through a number of events held throughout the year each with a different theme. For example there will be panel discussions, Q&A’s and workshops with industry professionals. These will include models, actors, event organisers, performance artists and any other group which students may request. 

The events will lead up to a showcase at the end of the year, including a photoshoot exhibition and a presentation event, to display the creative work produced by member of the society.

Planned Events/Actvities

The first event will be a meet and greet held at the Heart of Hackney pub on the 7th November. This will be to:

- Introduce the aims and values of the society

- Give time to discuss any suggestions for panel guest, events and topics people are interested in

- A chance to meet other potential members and encourage membership sign-ups

In January - March there will be a number of events planned such as:

  • A creative workshop with performance artist and designer Abbie Stirrup who will introduce how to use the body and movement in design
  • Charity shop couture: A practical workshop to create high fashion plus-size garments from charity shop clothing
  • A Q&A panel discussion with models who have worked in the fashion industry and their experiences with the taboos around weight and size in the fashion industry. This will include Hollie Horne (model and actress) and Karen Windel (fashion event organiser).

In April/May

  • A project will be organised to put on an alternative photoshoot. This will be a chance to experiment with sizes and physiques such as athletes, performers or plus sized models.
  • The year will culminate in a presentation of the work produced throughout the year, including both a photography exhibition and a showcase of the garments on models.

Contact Details

President: Beth Richardson (

Treasurer: Eunie Kim (

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