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The Chess Society is a place for chess enthusiasts to come and play together in a relaxed, friendly environment. We welcome players of all abilities (from Grandmasters to complete novices) and hope to organise coaching sessions with chess pros from outside the university. This society is for anyone who wants to learn, or simply play with their peers. It is relaxed, fun, and completely open to all UAL students.



Our society socials will mainly be held in pubs, but we are open to any suggestions from members. We hope to bring in professionals, and experienced players, to come and teach for a few sessions.

We will also be collaborating with Camberwell Film Club beginning with a screening of ‘Computer Chess’ in the Camberwell lecture theatre. Tournaments will be held amongst society members and there is also the potential to enter cross-university tournaments.


Contact Details

President - Jesse Alston

Treasurer - Henry Perkins


Social Media

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Annual Membership Fee

£3 (which covers half a chess board and set)

Terms and conditions

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Please note: by signing up to a UAL society you agree to adhere to the Arts SU's code of conduct. Memberships are non-refundable from two weeks after purchase.