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About This Club

UAL Climbing was founded in 2012 by some budding young minds because there was no pre-existing platform for climbers within UAL to meet and get together. With this society we wanted to introduce the sport to people who have been interested in trying their hand at rock climbing but haven't had the chance or the right partner. Climbing is very much a social sport even though it's not team oriented. By joining UAL Climbing you will get the opportunity to climb and hang out with like-minded people, go on climbing trips organised by members and have full access to a massive range of equipment!


Training Information

We meet once/twice a week at a bouldering gym in Bermondsey called the Arch Climbing wall (


Friday is our main meeting day, everyone shows up at around 6:30pm and climbs and socialises till around close (10:30pm on weekdays). Usually at The Arch climbing: £8/session, inclusive of £3 shoe rental.


Other days will be organised amongst ourselves in our Facebook group.



How much is it to join and what am i getting out of it?

The membership fee to join UALC is only £15

First of all you have BMC Affiliation. The British Mountaineering Council will supply each and every member of our society with £10,000,000 world-wide liability insurance to cover any mountaineering or club related incident, just incase you accidentally brought down Yosemite! They also give you access to the BMC Mountain Huts, a copy of the annual Summit Magazine, discounts on guidebooks, first aid courses and tons of climbing shops world-wide. For a full list of benefits see:

Secondly, membership means you can come with us on any and all of our trips! As students in London we are sadly without easy access to proper rock and mountains, however, to break up the monotony of plastic holds we organise trips for our members to get out into nature and in touch with some real rock! Last year we went to Newquay, Peak District and Tunbridge-Wells, all for a number of days. This year we have bigger plans, looking at places such as France, Iceland, America and Spain! Oh, and there will be parties, and beer, lots of beer. 



President: Heyse Ip (

Treasurer: Pearline Yeo (


Feel free to get in touch with us!


Social Media

Facebook Group (for members):


Membership Price



Please note: By signing up to a UAL Sports Club you agree to adhere to the Arts SU code of conduct. Memberships are non-refundable.


(Trip to Fountainebleau, France)

(Creating Art even at Climbing!)


Terms and Conditions

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Please note: By signing up to a UAL Sports Club you agree to adhere to the Arts SU code of conduct. Memberships are non-refundable.