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"How can we help?" - This is the question that initiated UAL's Creative Action Society. We watch the news, we are aware of the issues faced by our society and, yet, we find ourselves feeling unable to do anything about it. Perhaps we don't know how. This society sets about to rectify that - Creative Action aims to platform the ideas and voices of students to bring about a change. UAL students care, they create, and they want a change.


  • If you need a helping hand raising awareness about a particular issue - this society is for you.
  • If you are a creative and you wish to volunteer through your art - this society is for you.
  • If you are an artist with incredible ideas that can help to change the world - this society is for you.


We want to create a community feel through our society; a sense of collaboration through talks, events, and partnerships with other UAL societies and external organisations. Creative Action is about change, contribution, and initiative. 



  • Twice-monthly meetings.
  • Mini 'TEDx'-style talks where students are encouraged to take the mic to discuss their ideas for change.
  • Socials - poetry nights, storytelling, museum excursions.
  • Student-led exhibitions.


We care about the views of our society members, and we believe that everyone is entitled to a say regarding our events. We will offer you a platform to share your ideas and meet like-minded creatives, to encourage and motivate you through creative actions.


Contact Details

President - Lidia Huerta Domingo

Vice President - Amanda Valderrama

Treasurer - Veronica Sandin

Marketing and Merchandise - Katharina Benjamim


Annual Membership Fee

Reduced fee of £2.50 until 15th April

Post 15th April - £8 (this fee covers venue hire, beverages/snacks, potential speakers' fees and more)

Terms and conditions

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Please note: by signing up to a UAL society you agree to adhere to the Arts SU's code of conduct. Memberships are non-refundable from two weeks after purchase.