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“What if we reimagine failure as one of the surest routes to creative success, instead of the road to perdition? Perhaps the mistakes and circumstances that join forces to create failure are not your mortal enemy but are, in fact, the key elements in producing something new and exciting” - Erik Kessels  


At Fail Better, we believe that there’s value to be found in disastrous design. In an effort to de-stigmatise 'failure', we want to honour glorious design botches for the invaluable lessons that they teach us. It's daring to take risks in design, and talking about them when it all goes pear-shaped is even more ballsy. Our monthly symposium will give voice to 4 intrepid speakers; students, tutors and working designers who will speak candidly about their most spectacular design crimes and, more importantly, what they've learnt from them.

There’s no greater hindrance to the creative process than a crippling fear of failure, so let's crush our trepidation with a series of hilarious anecdotes, a touch of schadenfreude, and lots of laughter. Fail Better will encourage students to take more risks in their design work. After all, what is the worst that could happen? You could end up being one of our speakers.



Fail Better will take place every month. Our ballsy speakers will have 10 minutes each to tell us about the worst work they’ve ever created and, more importantly, what they’ve learnt from it. Join us for the next symposium which will take place on the 12th of June at 7 p.m at Chelsea College of Arts, Banqueting Hall, SW1P 4JU. After every symposium we will be inviting the audience and speakers to join us for a drink (or two).


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President - Etty Flynn

Treasurer - Hannah Kelly

Vice President - Brie Gobel

Head of Events - Likando Kumoyo


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