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The Fashion Psychology Society explores the subject of psychology and its relationship to fashion. Whilst it's a relatively new area in the field, it affects all areas of the industry; design, marketing, logistics, and digital. This is why we aren't solely aimed at purely psychology or purely fashion students. Any UAL student, from any discipline/field of practice, can come to our get togethers and events to discuss the direction of the creative world or learn something new.

Throughout the year, we will organise some great events for our members - the first being a Hallowe'en mixer. You can look forward to a Christmas party, a group escape room (where psychology in key to cracking the code), and a fundraiser for an EEG machine in the psychology department. We will host talks on a range of fashion psychology-related subjects, with speakers touching on topics such as; artificial intelligence, conceptual design, fashion psychology, as well as UAL alumni explaining where the industry is headed.


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President - Pippa James

Treasurer - Emma Fogarty

Vice President - Utkarsha Mehdiratta


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