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About Green Roof:

Green Roof encompasses an ongoing project of transforming the underused roof terrace at Central St. Martins into an exciting outdoor space. So far this has taken the direction of an urban garden, growing trees, plants and many delicious edibles - all made possible by a small, dedicated group of students and staff. Where greenery now replaces the once empty roof, bigger ideas are beginning to bloom and we don’t want it to stop here...

Being an arts university, let's bring this diverse creativity to the space. With the foundations of the garden in place, now is the time to really make it thrive. Think architecturally designed planters, outdoor sculptures, furniture and seating areas; organically grown plants, herb beds, dye beds, edibles to supply the college canteen and permaculture gardening practices; yoga sessions, intimate music events, collaborative meetings, sketching and discussion groups. Throughout this upcoming year let's get many more hands involved and many more feet outdoors!

As a society member there are many options for your contribution. Firstly, the above detail hopefully showcases just how open your creative ideas are and conversations into making these happen can certainly take place. If gardening is more your bag, then come along to the organised sessions and help tend to the communal planters. With the changes in each season bringing new tasks, there will be a variety of things to get stuck in with. You can also become involved with the specialised workshops held throughout the year, or choose to become part of our mini allotment scheme which sees you build, sew, and maintain your very own planting space. With sustainability at the heart of the society's values, encouragement to interact, learn and share tips and tricks will take place amongst everyone no matter what you become involved in. Overall it's an opportunity for experimentation, with the long-term vision of creating a flourishing, eco-friendly roof terrace.



We meet fortnightly, on a Wednesday afternoon. The time for members to drop by is between 1:30 & 3:30pm

Currently, students don't have access out onto the terrace .. but we are hoping to change this! By joining the society and helping continue our work in the garden space, trusted members' names will be put forward for access. This has proven effective as some students have now earned themselves access this way. Showing your commitment by coming along to the fortnightly sessions is how this will happen.

First session: 4th October


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President: Lou Baker -

Treasurer: Gary Campbell -


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