Higher Connection

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Our intention is to create a community within UAL comprised of students who are interested in reaching a higher state of consciousness – through practices such as meditation and connecting with each other. We want everyone to find inner peace, love, and deep understanding. We want build strong relationships with our members. We want to exist as a society for everyone, regardless of culture, skin colour, origin, or belief system. It will be a society where everyone will be able to find themselves.

Planned Events/Activities:

- Group meditation sessions exploring different techniques (at least once a month).
- Exploring different kinds of yoga.
- Trips to places in and around London to reconnect with nature (camping outside of London to celebrate the first day of spring, ceremony of the New Year in Virginia Water on 5th January).
- Playing music together; drums, shamanic bowls, singing mantras.
- Expressing our creativity in group art projects.
- Cooking healthy, organic food together.
- Art projects such as spiritual graffiti with prior permission, street performers, short film animation, and photography.
- Celebrating full moon ceremonies (4th November, 3rd December) shamanic circles, and working with stones.
- Charity work with a specific focus on helping the homeless.
- Topical talks and discussions: eastern religion, mindfulness, philosophy, Indian culture, books, natural medicine, numerology, magic, the universe, food and health, travelling, spiritual music, visionary art, OOBE, other civilizations and much more.

Contact Details:

Maja Supernak (LCC) msupernak154@gmail.com - President

Pyae Phyo Thant Nyo (LCC) pptnyo@gmail.com  -  Treasurer

Jayvonne McKenzie (LCC) jayvonnem@hotmail.co.uk - Vice President

Social Media Links:

Facebook (general page): https://www.facebook.com/Higher-Connection-170838240347115/

Facebook (members only): https://www.facebook.com/groups/1449603601756128/

Instagram: ual_higherconnection

Annual Membership Fee of Society: