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The UALHKS was founded in 2012 for the privileged Hong Kong, Macau, Chinese, and British students who study at Europe's largest, and the U.K.'s leading, art and design institution.

Our society has become a community for students to gather and share their diverse experiences within the six colleges of UAL. The structure of our society has been built upon hosting a variety of social gatherings, career-based events, sports competitions and charitable cooperation. Connections are also built through collaborations with other London and U.K. university societies. All of our committee members are friendly, welcoming, and would be more than happy to receive any of your enquires or even if you just drop a message to say hi!


Contact Details


President - Tiffany Tong

Treasurer - Macy Yau 

Secretary/Internal Officer - Christy Luk

Extrernal Vice President - Kevin Chik

Sports Secretary - Candy Yeung

Head of Careers - Catalina Lam

Creative Director - Rylee Pang


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