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Life Drawing timetables are on our Facebook page (so be sure to "like" us)

Many students at UAL are disappointed to find minimal (if any) life drawing provision. If you're studying Fine Art, Animation, Illustration, or Sculpture, drawing could be a fundamental part of your practice and it's essential draw regularly to improve your eye and hand.

Whether you're just starting out, or you are already an accomplished draughtsman, the Life Drawing Society provides regular access to tutored life drawing sessions. Students can expect to draw from nude models representing the full and fantastic diversity of the human body.

We typically run three classes a week during term, from 18.00-20.00 (evening sessions) or 14.00-16.00 (afternoon) at different venues across the UAL (currently LCC, High Holborn and LCF). For up-to-date timetables and locations, like us on facebook.

Do I have to attend every session, or book in to a session?
Not at all - that's why we run classes so frequently, to give you as many opportunities as possible. Arriving earlier means you can get a good seat.

What kinds of model can I expect?
We try to book models of all ages, genders, and body types. If you think you might be interested in modelling for us, drop us a line. Many current and former students at UAL have done so. NOTE: Life drawing is the tradition of drawing from the nude model. If you aren't comfortable with this, then it isn't the class for you!

What can I expect, and what should I bring?
Most sessions will have a tutor present - but classes can get busy, so just ask if you'd like some feedback. Don't be shy! Our tutors have experience in fine art, illustration, animation and fashion, and they're there to help. It's best to just bring a pencil (2B), eraser, and hardbacked sketchbook as we don't have easels. Please also be careful about bringing wet media that could spill or make a mess, like: oil paints, ink bottles, etc. as we mostly hold classes in rooms designed as office/lecture space. 

I'm not sure I want any tuition—I just want to draw
That's fine - please just make this known to the tutor when you arrive at class.

Sounds great! How much is it?
Members pay a one-time membership fee of just £35 for the whole year.

£35 is a lot of money! I'm living off baked beans and toast
Anybody who's been to a life drawing class before knows you can expect to pay around £35 for a single 2 hour tutored session. The total value of a yearly membership to this society could be in excess of £5000, making it the best value tutored life drawing in the whole of London. By clubbing together and using membership fees we're able to offer this for just £35 a year. It's a fantastic deal and one that many students in UAL take advantage of. That's why we're UAL's biggest activities society!
I won't be able to come for the full year, can I get a discount?
Membership is already massively discounted (read above). Even if membership was five times more expensive than it is now, it'd still be a terrific deal.

Can I do a taster session before I make up my mind? Or just pay for sessions individually?
We don't offer taster or drop-in sessions, sorry! We're confident enough in the value this society represents, and we've never had a request for a refund on the basis of dissatisfaction. If you've never been a life drawing class there are thousands of opportunities in London - so please make sure you've either signed up before coming to your first class, or bring your bank card/cash: otherwise you may not be able to take part!

I'm not a student at UAL / I'm not a student at all. Can I join?
Only UAL students can become members of the society. However, classes held at Platform Southwark can be joined for £5 a class. Please refer to the timetable on Facebook!

— Timetables may not be posted online until after the first week of term as we arrange room bookings.
— Classes are on occassion cancelled so please keep checking the facebook to make sure your information is up-to-date

To speak to us, drop us a line at

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