Model UN Society

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UAL’s Model United Nations is an inclusive society open to every student at UAL. We aim to help students develop their leadership, negotiation, and public speaking skills; and, also, aim to improve their knowledge of global affairs. Even if you have never participated in MUN before we certainly encourage you to come along and give it a go!

As a society, we aim to introduce our members to UN procedures and politics through active debates, guest talks, and conferences. Since many universities throughout London host these MUN conferences, this will give you the chance to make friends not only within UAL but in the wider London community. As the society develops, we will look to attend conferences overseas--in Europe, and beyond.

MUN is notorious for its socials, so members can look forward to lots of great activities, gatherings, and events throughout the year! Further details on our activities will be uploaded here. Alternatively, you can follow our Facebook page which will have regular updates on our meetings and activities.

A typical MUN session will involve:

• An introduction to a debate topic, via topic briefs or emergency bulletins.

• A set amount of time for presentation of pre-written resolutions, or the generation of emergency resolutions.

• A point-by-point debate of the resolution and its merits. Each delegate must aim to faithfully represent their country and to get themselves a better deal.

• Time for amendments.

• A set amount of time for voting on each point and on the resolution as a whole.

• Some short games designed to improve skills necessary for debate and public speaking.

As a club we value collaboration, enthusiasm, and dedication. We hope to improve our knowledge and understanding of the world, and are excited to see what we will be able to achieve with this understanding.

Membership is £10.This money will go towards events and catering, as well as subsidising some travel costs we incur throughout the year.



What is Model United Nations?

It is a simulation of the United Nations, where students participate in debates as a delegate of a certain country. At a conference, the club will be given a country to represent and will be asked to resolve issues whilst conforming to the country’s viewpoints and policies.

What are the rules involved?

MUN has similar rules to the UN. For example, each student has to be referred to as ‘delegate’ and must speak in third person. Questions must be asked as ‘points of information’, and objections must be raised as ‘points of order’ or ‘points of personal privilege’. There are certain ways in which a resolution--a solution to a problem--must be structured, and specific ways in which they must be debated.

A welcome booklet will also be provided to our members, which will contain all the information you need to start debating.


Contact Details

President: Jessica Galvin


Treasurer: Ashling Sugrue


Secretary General: Janek Osiński


Vice President: Elena Wyllie



Social Media


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