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TEDxUAL is an event licensed by TED Global and run by students from University of the Arts London. The event aims to educate students and staff with a day of inspiring, motivational and insightful talks.

The theme for TEDxUAL 2016 was "State of the Art' and focused on what it means to be State of the art; whether, it’s being at the forefront of your field, leading the light in a discipline or developing the Next Big Thing. 

TEDxUAL 2017 focused on the theme of 'Momentum'. It was a day of inspiring talks talking about pushing yourself forward, elevating global communities and bringing much needed excitement and momentum into our lives.

TEDxUAL 2018 is in the works. Make sure that you signed up for our newsletter and follow us on social media, to keep up with what we're working on for you. 

For general enquiries, drop us an email: tedxual@gmail.com

If you would like to suscribe to our mailing list, register here: https://www.tedxual.com/signup​

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