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'Removing the barriers to creative progress'

About Us

UAL CC is committed to removing the barriers to creative progress, by providing the scaffolding and resources students need to make creative things happen. We work together across all colleges, courses and cohorts, connecting people who might otherwise never have met, in order to push the creative process forward.

We come together to achieve six C's: creating change, currency, conversations, conditions, creatives and creativity itself. UAL CC works with industry, universities, community, both locally and globally in order to branch beyond the confines of UAL and form a real creative community.


We list many activities and events on the Arts SU website calendar, through a number of social media platforms/messengers and via email. All our events are brought together on our website and synchronized app (iPhone/Android).

'Creative Cat Institute' - every Tuesday, to relax, chat and to encourge discourse and exchange through creative conversations. 

Thursday Night soCial (TNC) - every Thursday, our regular social offers members the chance to mingle with students across London and beyond UAL

These are held off-UAL premises at the University of London's UCLU facilities, and you are welcome either to join us for the evening, or stop by on the way to going out to other events.

Every Wednesday, we link up with the Sports Teams for their social events.

Contact Details

Generic mailbox -

Jonathan Jewell - Acting President

Kara Wong - VP (Internal) and Treasurer

Murad Khan - VP (External) and JSTOP Editor

Kaisa Kettunen - AVP (Creative Experience) and Zine Editor

Finn Crawford - DVP

We have a Facebook Page, and a website with details of events and shared opportunities. Our website synchronises with an app for those who want to keep up to date, with just-in-time reminders of our events, newsletters, etc. The link for the app (iPhone and Android) is on our website.

Membership Dues

£1 standard (or FREE joint membership for UAL Sports members)

                 Social Enterprise UK - supporting member

UAL CC is a member of NCVO and their Mentoring and Befriending Network